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~Ah... a cup of tea! It gets you up in the morning, tucks you in bed at night, and keeps you sane and balanced through the day. Let HerbWild make your day with stimulating and relaxing teas. And when you and your partner need a little invigoration, there's HerbWild Cupid's Tonic for both of you!
HerbWild Everyday Tea Everyday Tea
A wonderful blend of five hand-harvested herbs from our farm. We take care to keep as much of the full leaves as possible so that this tea is at its best when it arrives on your doorstep. It's great hot or cold. The whole red clover flowers not only add the distinctive flavour, but look interesting as well.
Tea-Cupid's Tonic Cupid's Tonic
Get "in the mood" with our invigorating love potion made with ginseng, damiana and six other, shall we say, stimulating herbs.
Tea-Mega-Voltage Mega Voltage Tea
Get a morning jolt without the caffeine! Our special blend of nine organic herbs and spices will warm you from within and give a gentle boost.
Chamomile Sweet
Dreams tea Chamomile Smooth Dreams Tea
Whether or not you any trouble sleeping, this soothing tea will help you relax. The lemon balm softens the chamomile and adds a gentle sweetness. 
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