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The Colosso Collection

Colosso herbs are extra big plants in gallon-sized pots. They make an immediate impression in the garden or in any planter. No waiting for them to grow! Colosso herbs are shipped to selected regions in Canada and America starting in April.
Bo-Tree Cardamom Catnip
Chives Coriander, Vietnamese Fig, Hardy Chicago
Geranium, Citrosa Jessamine, Night Lavender, Twickel Purple
Lavender, Fred Boutin Lavender, Grosso Lavender, Provence
Lemongrass Mint, English Mint, Mojito
Mint, Improved Spearmint Oregano, Greek Parsley, Italian
Rosemary, Barbeque Rosemary, Foxtail Rosemary, Rex
Sage, Berggarten Sage, Hummingbird Savory, Winter
Southernwood, Citrus Stevia Tarragon, French
Thyme, Compact Thyme, Golden Lemon Verbena, Lemon
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