Spanish Broom
Spartium junceum
Uses: Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 7-10)
When to Sow: Anytime Ease of Germination: Moderate
A cheery Mediterranean shrub now naturalized in California, first introduced in the 1800s to target mine tailing stabilization and roadside erosion control as well as landscaping. A heavenly honey vanilla scent travels from its pea like yellow blossoms, used as a natural dye! You may wonder why it is named “broom”, but will understand when you see its flexible nearly leafless green broom like stems that were used as such, along with thatching, fence rows and cattle fodder! 5-6 times more medicinally potent than Scotch broom! Contains the compound spartiene, which strengthens the heart, creating a greater flow of filtration through the kidneys, which increases urine production. Used for cardiac fibrillation but can be poisonous and should not be used internally unless supervised by an expert. Requires little maintenance and quite happy when situated in full sun and poor, well drained soils. Is not subject to diseases or pests. Height 6-10 feet.
S1528 Seeds
Not to Calif, HI
Currency: United States Dollar

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