Cardamom Ginger
Alpinia nutans
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 8-11)
(False cardamom; Dwarf cardamom; Shellflower) Often sold as true cardamom but it is actually a type of ginger with a cardamom scent. While it sometimes flowers and sets seeds in warm tropical conditions, the seeds are not edible like true cardamom. However the strongly scented glossy leaves are edible and can be used like a wrap to flavour food. Try them in tea and in sweet desserts such as rice pudding. When they appear the beautiful porcelain-like flowers are also edible. The rhizomes and leaves are used in traditional medicine for high blood pressure, ulcers, fungal infections, flu and headache, and as a diuretic. A popular landscaping plant in Australia where it forms dense masses of lush fragrant foliage. Also makes a nice easy-to-grow indoor foliage plant. Ht. 60-150cm (2-5ft).
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