Improved Spearmint
Mentha spicata 'Kentucky Colonel'
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal/Beverage/Aromatic/Industrial Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 5-9)
Also known as "Kentucky Colonel" mint, this hybrid of applemint (Mentha suaveolens) and true spearmint (M. spicata) has a wonderful fruity spearmint aroma and flavour. Its improved disease resistance and high yields make it a popular choice for commercial cultivation. The vigorous tendencies of mints allow them to be cut more frequently than most other herbs, growing back to a useful stage rapidly. For the home grower they are perfect for cultivation in large pots, where their tendency to march out of the garden and into the lawn can be restrained. Before Richters introduced the true Mojito Mint from Cuba, Improved Spearmint was the mint most often used in the famous Cuban cocktail, the mojito. Improved Spearmint can be used in any dish calling for mint, and is the backbone ingredient of that quintessential Southern drink, the mint julep. A tradition dating back to 1898, the mint julep features Kentucky Colonel mint, bourbon, sugar, and of course lots of ice to help you laze away the hottest afternoons in style, even if you’re nowhere near Kentucky!
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