Korean Perilla
Perilla frutescens
Uses: Culinary/Aromatic/Industrial Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
(Kkaennip) In America this is often sold incorrectly as a type of Japanese shiso which it is not. Instead it is a traditional Korean herb known as kkaennip. It resembles shiso but has a very different -- and very seductive -- minty-apple-lemon scent. The leaves of this variety are bigger, flatter, and less serrated than Japanese varieties, but otherwise they have the same mauve undersides as the Japanese katamen-jiso bicolour varieties. It is used as a vegetable, fresh or blanched, in soups and stews, or it is pickled in soy sauce or soybean paste for kimchi and jangajji. The seeds are roasted and used like sesame.
S4474-260 Seeds $4.75/pkt
S4474-260 Bulk Seeds $24.00/10g
Currency: United States Dollar

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