Eutrema japonicum 'Mikado'
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 8-10)
(Japanese horseradish) Glorious wasabi, that pungent green horseradish-like condiment from Japan, a must for sushi and sashimi, is finally available to grow in your own garden. Myths that wasabi would not grow outside of Japan have been firmly rebuked in recent years by American growers who are growing better wasabi than the often adulterated product sold in the stores. Traditionally grown in beds of sand or gravel near cool mountain streams, we now know that wasabi will grow quite happily in any moist, organic-rich soil where there is shade and protection from the summer heat; running water is not required. After 18-24 months the rhizomes are harvested, washed, peeled and grated for fresh use. In zones colder than zone 8, it is possible to overwinter plants by heavy mulching or by moving them indoors over winter. Our new Mikado variety has darker green leaves, is quick growing, and has better disease resistance.
For more on wasabi, see our Wasabi InfoSheet.

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