Rattail Radish
Raphanus caudatus
Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
What a fun revelation this was for us. Our good friend Karen O’Brien, owner of Green Woman’s Garden near Boston, treated us to a summer lunch in which she served fresh seed pods gathered from plants growing in her garden. The pods were absolutely incredible! They had a sharp but pleasant radishy taste, with a very nice crunchy texture. We couldn’t get enough of them, finishing them off immediately before we got to anything else! It turns out this little known veggie is from the Orient where it is not grown for roots like regular radish but for the seed pods only. How this escaped wider attention we don’t know, but we are sure that it will become a staple in home gardens in the coming years. Easy to grow: sow direct in the garden in spring and harvest seed pods in 50-55 days.
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