Togo Sword Bean
Canavalia gladiata
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
This beautiful sword bean from Togo in West Africa features lovely purple striated blotches on bone white seeds. And those seeds are huge, weighing more than 3 grams each! They are not commonly eaten, but the young pods are, like a sort of outlandish giant string bean that gets up to a foot long (30cm). Equally outlandish is how it grows, as a vine that can climb or sprawl 20 feet or more. Typically, however, the vines are corralled with mesh or fencing to keep things civil in the garden. Like other sword beans, the cooked pods are great in soups, stews and stir-fries. 100 days.
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Currency: United States Dollar

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