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~If you grow your own plants, why not grow them naturally with premium garden products from HerbWild? And while you are at it, protect your hands with HerbWild's fantastic gardener's cream.

Root-A-Maker rooting powder Root-A-Maker™ Natural Rooting Powder
If you start your own cuttings, Root-A-Maker is a must-have product. It is the best rooting aid we have ever seen - and it's 100% natural! Compared to synthetic chemical rooting hormones, our tests show that Root-A-Maker makes cuttings root faster, and they grow on to be healthier and stronger plants. Our propagation staff at Richters absolutely love this product! Made with Canadian organic humic acids and a special naturally-fungicidal clay, Root-A-Maker not only stimulates root formation, it protects the cut tissue from infection as the callus and roots form. Use it exactly like conventional artificial rooting hormones: just dip the cutting in the powder and plant.
Bug-A-Bug neem oil Bug-A-Bug™ Neem Oil
You love your herbs. So do the little critters that take up residence on your plants. But how do you get rid of them without bathing your plants with harmful chemicals? Neem, the wonder tree from India, has been used to keep pests away for centuries. The oil from the seeds contains azadirachtin, a compound that discourages bugs from feeding on plants. It actually robs bugs of their appetite and they either move on or perish.
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