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enjoying the outdoors~Ah the sun, blue skies, lush green forests... nothing invigorates body and mind like the Great Outdoors. But don't let the summer nasties get in the way of your outdoor fun. Try HerbWild's body products to keep you itch and pain free.

Take-A-Hike Take-A-Hike™
Spray this on your skin and clothes before you hike and you may notice that life's little irritations go away. Take-A-Hike! contains wild yarrow, catnip and wormwood prepared in an infusion of witchhazel, with added essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, citronella, rose geranium and lemongrass. No preservatives and no chemical soup on your skin. Smells nice too!
poison ivy rescue kit made with jewelweed Poison Ivy Rescue Kit
Jewelweed Spray, Salve & Soap

Ow!... the painful itchy rashes of poison ivy! Calamine lotion? That's what your doctor will recommend but it's about as helpful as a bottle of pity. You'll scratch... and scratch... and scratch... for weeks! It doesn't have to be that way. The people of the First Nations long ago discovered a highly effective natural herbal antidote. They learned to apply the native herb jewelweed to affected areas and - like magic - the pain and itching goes away. And clinical studies have confirmed jewelweed's amazing ability to combat the effects of poison ivy and poison oak. Our Poison Ivy Rescue Kit comes with soap, ointment and spray, all made with fresh jewelweed. Soap is used to wash the affected areas; ointment and spray are used to sooth and heal the inflamed skin. The Rescue Kit is must for any family that enjoys spending time in the woods. Kit includes: 4oz (113g) bar of soap, 2oz (57g) tin of ointment, 4oz (113mL) bottle of spray!

Poison Ivy Kit items are also available separately:
Jewelweed Soap
Jewelweed Spray
Jewelweed Salve
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