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~We searched the world over for the best organic ingredients for these outstanding blends. Made from the freshest organic or wild-crafted herbs and spices. Each tin comes with a history of the blend and recipes.

spice blends
Mull It Over Mulling Spice Mull It Over™ Mulling Spice
When the air turns crisp and snow soon follows you need a cup of hot beverage mulled with spices to warm you up. Adding the warming flavours and aromas of spices to hot cider or wine is a centuries-old European tradition. Whatever the health effects may be, there is no denying that a hot cup of mulled beverage is just what is needed to bring warm cheer on a cold night.
Ethiopian Berbere Spice Ethiopian Berbere
Berber is the "signature" spice of Ethiopia. It is used in traditional stews, called "wats", and in sauces and coatings for fried food. Add to stews, or mix with water or oil for a paste. Its wonderful aroma comes from the toasting of many of the spices before grinding.
Chinese 5-Spice Chinese 5-Spice Tonic
"5-Spice" symbolizes nature's fine elements in five basic flavours: sour, sweet, pungent and salty. 5-spice adds wonderful character to stir fry dishes and marinades and mixes well with soy sauce, garlic and ginger.
herbes de provence Herbes de Provence
From the south of France we have the classic herbes de provence with lavender. Indispensible in salads, soups, quiches, casseroles, sauces and in grilling, sautéing, steaming or baking.
Savory Masala Savory Masala
"Masala" actually means "spice blend" and often masalas from India are fiery hot, but this one is smooth and more mild. Masala may be added to any dish while cooking, or made into a paste to be a coating or marinade. 
zahtar Zahtar
Zahtar is a Middle Eastern blend of herbs and spices, ground sumac and sesame seeds. The sumac adds a wonderful lemony note. Used in hummus, dips, soups, and is traditionally mixed with oil to make a paste for spreading on flatbread that is grilled for breakfast and appetizers or snacks. 
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