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Ah the chile pepper! What would the great cuisines of Mexico, India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the Middle East be without this fiery gift from the New World? What about the enchiladas, curries, dhals, stir fries, salsas, and the prototypical chile dish, chili con carne? In cultivation for at least 8000 years, chiles come in all shapes, colours and pungencies to suit every temperment. We are pleased to bring you our collection of great chiles, most of which are from Mexico. For your convenience (and perhaps your protection!), chiles are rated 1 to 10 on a scale from mild to blast furnace. Fresh fruits and seeds can be blended into a spray to repel insects, rodents and even dogs.

Mexican Chiles Mexican chiles do best where the growing seasons are long and hot, but do not let that stop you from trying them in less torrid areas. Even in a cold, wet summer, we managed to get a respectable crop of chiles in Goodwood. In Canada, and most of the northern U.S., chiles need to be started indoors early (Jan-Mar) and transplanted out after the danger of frost is over.

Anaheim Chile PepperAncho Chile Pepper
Cayenne Chile PepperDe Arbol Chile Pepper
Habanero Chile PepperJalapeņo Chile Pepper
Pasilla Chile Pepper Serrano Chile Pepper
Tabasco Chile Pepper 

Other Chiles

Jamaican Yellow Chile PepperScotch Bonnet Chile Pepper
Thai Chile Pepper 
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