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To the people of the Mediterranean, garlic conjures up such gourmet delights as escargots, Caesar salad and garlic bread. Garlic need not offend; it is often enough to rub the utensils with a clove, adding subtle flavour. Many use garlic shoots and leaves as chives or green onion tops, being sweeter and more subtle than the cloves. Medicinally, garlic capsules are sold for the treatment of high blood pressure. It is also a proven antibiotic owing to its high sulfur content. Garlic interplanted with other crops will help repel insect pests.

Softneck Group (Allium sativum sativum) Regular “softneck” form of garlic, so called because the stem does not dry hard in the centre of the bulb. Plants are shorter than the “hardneck” varieties.

Inchelium Red Garlic Lorz Italian Garlic
Polish White Garlic Susanville Garlic

Hardneck Group (Allium sativum ophioscordon) Called “hardneck” because the stem dries hard in the centre of the bulb. Cloves are larger and easier to separate than the “softneck” type, but does not store as well as “softneck” garlic. Bulbil-bearing stems are curiously looped, as if tied into loose knots by mischievous elves. Both the underground bulbs and the above ground bulbils are esteemed for their strong garlic flavour. This group includes the rocambole or Italian garlics.

Belarus Garlic Fireball Garlic
Kazakhstan Garlic McEwen Red Garlic
Music Garlic Purple Glazer Garlic
Purple Trillium Garlic Siberian Garlic

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