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For centuries the fragrant flowers have been used in dried sachets, scented soaps, perfumes and potpourris. Lavender oil is an important article of commerce. In the garden, lavenders make sweet-smelling border plants along pathways. The most popular are the English varieties.

English Group (L. angustifolia) The true lavender cherished for its sweet odour, which is more delicate than other types.

English Lavender Blue Cushion Lavender
Blue Rider Lavender Hidcote Lavender
Imperial Gem Lavender Lady Lavender
Lavance Purple Lavender Munstead Lavender
Pink Perfume Lavender Provence Blue Lavender
Purple Lavance Lavender Rosea Lavender
Spira Lavender Twickle Purple Lavender

Lavandin Group (L. x intermedia)

Fred Boutin Lavender Grosso Lavender
Provence Lavender Super Lavender

French Group (L. stoechas) Despite the name these lavenders are not grown in France for the fragrance industry. Their oils possess a pronounced camphorous note which is undesirable. However they make stunning aromatic bedding plants with showy butterfly-like "wings" dancing atop the flowers. Confusingly also known as Spanish lavender.

Fragrant Butterfly Lavender French Lavender
French Long Lavender Kew Red Lavender
Purple Ribbon Lavender  

Other Lavenders

Fernleaf Lavender Goodwin Creek Lavender
Spanish Eyes Lavender Spanish Grey Lavender
Spanish Lavender Spike Lavender
Sweet Lavender  
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