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Marigolds have surprising properties and uses. Most are familiar with their horticultural value as bedding plants, and their insect-repelling properties are well known, but few would suspect a role as culinary and tea herbs in Latin American countries. Flowers and leaves yield yellow, green, tan and brown fabric dyes.

Citrus Group (Tagetes tenuifolia) Entirely different marigolds! Originally bred for their showy blossoms, but we were surprised to discover that they have a lovely citrus-like odour and flavour. Great for desserts, especially in hot dessert sauces made with wine. Easy to grow.

Lemon Gem Marigold Orange Gem Marigold
Red Gem Marigold  

Insecticidal Group (Tagetes spp.) These marigolds possess remarkable insect control properties. They control tiny soil worms called nematodes which attack roots of many plants. Marigolds are planted throughout the garden, as controlling effect is due to root secretions. Dutch scientists have found nematode infestations can be reduced by over 90% and that the effective range is 90cm/3'. Repulsive odour of leaves also serves to discourage above-ground insects. Easy to grow.

Aztec Marigold French Marigold
Mexican Marigold  

Other Marigolds (Tagetes spp.)

Lemon Mint Marigold Sweet Marigold
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