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There are many varieties with multitudes of uses in the kitchen, in commerce and in medicine. Mints don't require much of a green thumb to grow. Grow indoors or out, in full or partial sun.

Spearmint Group

English Mint Improved Spearmint
Scotch Spearmint Spearmint
Vietnamese Mint  

Peppermint Group

Chocolate Mint Japanese Mint
Peppermint Swiss Mint
Variegated Peppermint  

Other Mints

Applemint Banana Mint
Corsican Mint Ginger Mint
Grapefruit Mint Menthol Mint
Mojito Mint Orange Mint
Pineapple Mint  

The Westerfield Mints (M. spp.) Richters is pleased to offer these remarkable mints created by Jim Westerfield. Jim is a retired innkeeper extraordinaire with a passion for herbs and for cross breeding new varieties of mints. His first big splash was ‘Hillary’s Sweet Lemon Mint’ introduced in 1995. Jim and his wife Marilyn ran an award-winning American bed-and-breakfast inn called “Westerfield House” in Freeburg, Illinois (near St. Louis), reknowned for its gourmet luncheon and dinner events held throughout the year.

Berries & Cream™ Mint Candy Lime™ Mint
Hillary’s Sweet Lemon Mint Julia’s Sweet Citrus™ Mint
Margarita™ Mint Marilyn’s Salad™ Mint
Marshmallow™ Mint Millenium™ Mint
Oregano-Thyme™ Mint Pink Candypops™ Mint
Sweet Bay™ Mint Sweet Pear™ Mint

The New Westerfield Mints (M. spp.) Retired restaurateur Jim Westerfield keeps on coming up with great new gourmet mints! In his backyard, dubbed ‘Mintopia’, he has been busy crossbreeding his mints and looking for gems among the progeny. We are very pleased to offer nine gorgeous new mints from Jim’s prolific breeding program. Here they are, described in Jim’s own words.

Candied Fruit ™ Mint Citrus Kitchen ™ Mint
Cotton Candy ™ Mint Jim's Fruit ™ Mint
Fruit Sensations ™ Mint Fruitasia™ Mint
Italian Spice ™ Mint Savory™ Mint
Wintergreen™ Mint  
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