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No flower has stirred the imagination and passions of poets and romantics quite like the rose. Going back to at least the 28th century B.C., when it was first cultivated in China, the rose has figured prominently in the art, culture, medicine and food of the great civilizations of Asia, Europe and Africa. There are countless myths and legends intertwined with gods, kings, and saints. The rose is a symbol of love and women, and of compassion, friendship and honour; and as Charlemagne decreed, it ought to grow in every garden. Modern hybrids are generally lacking of much scent, and are not much use for potpourris, toiletries, and perfumes, so the old-fashioned fragrant varieties are coming back. Our rose collection includes some of the most endearing old-fashioned cultivars and species roses.

Classic Roses Introduced before 1867, the year in which the modern hybrid tea roses were first introduced. Renowned for their scent and classic colours, and as many bloom only once or twice a year, the flowers are perhaps all the more appreciated. They require much the same care as standard roses. All roses grafted on hardy understocks. Dimensions where given are height x breadth. Blooming times are given by the month, or if repeat bloomers, distinguished between recurrent (more than once) or continuous bloomers. Dates listed denote year of introduction.

Alba Semiplena RoseApothecary Rose
Kazanlik RoseKönigin Von Dänemark Rose
La Reine Victoria RoseLeda Rose
Maiden’s Blush RoseMaxima Rose
Mme. Hardy RoseOld Pink Moss Rose
Rosa MundiRose De Rescht
Salet Rose York and Lancaster Rose

Species Roses

Dog RoseSweet Briar Rose
Rose Petals 
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