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One of the most fragrant of herbs with many unexpected uses. A little freshly chopped rosemary is interesting with orange sections, appealing in dumplings, biscuits, preserves, and has few equals for poultry stuffings. Most notable with lamb and pork. Excellent homemade shampoos, hair and skin rinses are made with rosemary tea. Attractive evergreen with needle-like leaves and blue or pink flowers. For maximum seed germination keep seed flat at 18°C (65°F).
Rosemary Arp Rosemary
Barbeque Rosemary Blue Boy Rosemary
Golden Rain Rosemary Blue Rain Rosemary
Foxtail Rosemary Golden Rain Rosemary
Gorizia Rosemary Huntington Carpet Rosemary
Majorca Rosemary Pine Rosemary
Pink Majorca Rosemary Rex Rosemary
Santa Barbara Rosemary Sawyer’s Select Rosemary
Tuscan Blue Rosemary  
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