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The old proverb, ‘Why should a man die whilst sage grows in his garden?’ attests to great medicinal repute once held by sage. Best known today is garden sage, the flavouring variety appreciated in cuisines throughout the world.

Garden Sages

Bergarrten Sage Dwarf Sage
Extrakta Sage Garden Sage
Gold Sage Golden Sage
Holt’s Mammoth Sage Purple Sage
Tricolor Sage White Dalmation Sage

Autumn Sages (Salvia greggii) Outstanding ornamentals from Mexico and Texas with small, fruit-scented leaves and wonderful bright coloured flowers. Called autumn sage because early fall brings on a glorious spurt of autumn flowers to cap off a continuous display that begins in June. Aromatic leaves are used as a seasoning in Mexico, and the edible nectar-filled flowers are excellent in salads, even adding to the ‘crunch’! Magnet for hummingbirds. Does well in full or half sun. Ht. 75-100cm/30-40in.

Big Pink Sage Cherry Chief Sage
Lowry’s Peach Sage Raspberry Royale Sage
Rose Pink Sage San Isidro Moon Sage
Sierra San Antonio Sage

Other Sages

Blue Sage Cardinal Sage
Diviners Sage Fruit Sage
Grape-Scented Sage Greek Sage
Honey Melon Sage Hummingbird Sage
Lyreleaf Sage Mexican Bush Sage
Painted Sage Peruvian Sage
Pineapple Sage Purple Volcano Sage
Red Sage Spanish Sage
Tangerine Sage White Sage
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