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Aromatic low growing bush or creeping herbs, ideal for rockeries, borders, or along pathways. Pretty pink or purple blossoms are a favourite of honeybees. Culinary and medicinal value. Grow indoors or out in full sun.

Garden Group Indispensable in French cooking. There is almost no stew, soup, or ragout that does not call for a pinch or two. Appropriate seasoning for rich meats and fish, improving their digestibility. Essential in bouquet garni.

Compact English Thyme English Thyme
French Thyme Silver Thyme

Citrus Group Delightful citrus flavour for fish, chicken, meat, salads and tea.

Creeping Lemon Thyme Golden Lemon Thyme
Highland Cream Lemon Lemon Carpet™ Thyme
Lemon Thyme Lime Thyme
Magic Carpet Lemon Orange Balsam Thyme
Orange Spice™ Thyme Purple Carpet Lemon

Other Thymes

Caraway Thyme Coconut Thyme
Creeping Thyme Lavender Thyme
Mint Thyme Minus Thyme
Nutmeg Thyme Oregano Thyme
Portuguese Thyme Rose Petal™ Thyme
Silver Needle Thyme Wild Thyme
Woolly Thyme  
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