Aconitum napellus
Uses: Medicinal/Poisonous! Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 2-9)
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Difficult
(Monkshood; Wolfsbane) Majestic perennial for tall borders and as a background for other garden flowers. Its long spikes of helmet-like, cerulean blue flowers are eye-catching. In ancient times aconite was used as a poison to coat arrowheads in battle and hunt. It contains aconitine, an analgesic, sedative and a neurotoxin at higher concentrations. It is still used in medicine, but not without medical supervision. Sow in rich, moist, well-draining soil in full sun to part shade. Tolerates deer and rabbits, but not drought. Height 24-48in (60-120cm); spread 12-18in (30-45cm)
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