Theobroma cacao
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal
The botanical name means “food of the gods,” and who could disagree? The universal popularity of chocolate products, all of which are derived from the cacao nut, has made this arguably the most beloved herb in the world. Medicinally, it contains the alkaloid theobromine, which is used to create life-saving medications for asthma. More recently, cacao has provided promising treatments for stroke and heart health. Epidemiological studies have found that populations that consume more chocolate have markedly lower rates of heart attack and high blood pressure. The amount of processing that cacao undergoes has a direct impact on the amount of beneficial chemicals in the finished product, however. Minimally processed unsweetened cacao nibs and cacao powder preserves the health benefits and provides a rich, slightly bitter chocolate flavour. Cacao is also naturally low in sugar and fat, making it the perfect healthful snack – definitely a candy for grown-ups.
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