Castor Bean
Ricinus communis
Uses: Medicinal/Poisonous!/Industrial Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
Familiar for its oil extracted from its seeds, which is commonly used as a laxative for temporary constipation. In fact, the use of Castor oil has been recorded in the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus which is a medical treatise dating back to 1552 BC and translated in 1872. Castor oil packs are also used topically to heal wounds, manage pain and stimulate visceral organs. Produces large exotic looking palmate leaves with large bright red spikes with smaller, more inconspicuous white male flowers appearing below. Red seed pods turn brown, producing 1/2 inch long seeds, called castor beans. Be careful, as the ricin glycoprotein found in the seeds is one of the most toxic naturally derived compounds. Because it is not fat soluble, it is not found in the extracted oils during processing. Plant as an ornamental annual in late spring, or start indoors a few weeks before. Seeds should be soaked overnight in water and germinated at 22-27 degrees Celsius. Grow the seedlings at 12-24 degrees Celsius. Plant in well drained, humus rich, fertile soil in full sun. Will grow up to 40 feet in tropical conditions.
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