African Power Cress
Spilanthes filicaulis
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 11+)
(Brazil cress; Wolikpekpe) Power to influence! In West Africa this plant helps to develop the powers of persuasion and influence. Chewing on a few fresh flowers or leaves is said to help make one’s talk smooth and harmonious, and local leaders are known to use it before important meetings. Leaves and the yellow button flowers produce a lemony tingling sensation on the tongue. The effect is probably due to spilanthol, a mild analgesic agent that is found in other Spilanthes species. Top chefs are experimenting with Spilanthes cresses in salads for an "electric" tingling effect. Try a few flowers or chopped leaves in tossed salads and see what happens! A beautiful low creeper that grows into mats. Grows happily indoors in pots for a regular fresh supply for all your persuasion needs.
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