Cryptolepis sanguinolenta
Uses: Medicinal
(Ghanaian quinine) This West African herb is one of the most effective systemic herbal antibiotics according to Stephen Buhner, author of Herbal Antibiotics. The root contains cryptolepine, a potent antimalarial shown to be highly effective against resistant strains of malarial parasites. It is also one of the best antibacterials for MRSA, streptococcus, babesia, urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, salmonella, shigella, gonorrhea and other bacterial infections, often proving to be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs. The root has a long history of use for malaria, fevers and diarrhea in Africa, and the West is slowly waking up to the potential of this amazing herb.
A microbial and heavy metal analysis report is available here.

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