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Marilynís Saladô Mint
Mentha 'Marilynís Salad'
Uses: Culinary Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 6-11)
This is a completely different mint with a completely different use -- as a fresh salad green! The young leaves are very tender, and the flavour is mild, sweet and delicate, not at all like other stronger mints. And theyíre quite the sensation in salads -- just pick the leaves, strip them from the stems, and throw them liberally into your salad mix. For tender foliage, grow this mint in partial shade and cut often to keep the young leaves coming.
P4019-470 Plants $4.50/ea, $10.20/3 plants, $32.40/12 plants
P4019-470 Plug pack 12 $15.00/ea
P4019-470 Plug tray 120 $75.00/ea
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