Wintergreen™ Mint
Mentha 'Sister Julie’s Wintergreen'
Uses: Culinary/Beverage Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 6-11)
This is the first true wintergreen mint ever to be developed. Breeder Jim Westerfield crossed hundreds of mints to produce this one with its remarkable aroma. As Jim once explained: "Although just about EVERYONE connects the wintergreen flavour and aroma to the mint world, the real wintergreen aroma is actually produced by the Gaultheria genus of plants. What’s exciting is that the aroma of this new mint is exactly that of the wintergreen mint candy. All of the above equals one hell of a tea mint.” RICHTERS EXCLUSIVE CANADIAN INTRODUCTION. Richters holds exclusive propagation rights in Canada.
P4019-900 Plants $4.95/ea, $12.00/3 plants, $38.40/12 plants
P4019-900 Plug pack 12 $18.00/pack
  P4019-900 Plug tray 90 (ships in 2022)   SOLD OUT $70.00/tray
Currency: United States Dollar

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