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Diviners Sage
Salvia divinorum
Uses: Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 11+)
Sacred sage of the Mazateca Indians of Mexico used to induce divinatory visions. To help find lost items, or to solve problems of a material or spiritual nature, the Mazateca Indians would chew the fresh leaves. The leaves are very bitter when chewed but are slightly more palatable taken as a cold infusion of fresh crushed leaves, or smoked. Psychotropic effects similar to mescaline are attributed to compounds called salvinorins. Prefers humid, shaded conditions and humus-rich, moist soil. Rangy plant, reaching 2m/7ft. unless pruned.
PLEASE NOTE: It will be illegal to possess and cultivate Salvia divinorum plants in Canada starting in February 2016. Plants will no longer be available from Richters after the current plant shipping season that ends in November 2015. In the meantime Canadian customers are required to sign and submit a consent form before we ship that attests that they are aware of the changing legal status of the plant.

  P5164-500 Plants   SOLD OUT $15.00/ea
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