Hebanthe spp.
Uses: Medicinal
(Brazilian ginseng) Root widely used in Brazil as an adaptogen. Known as "brazilian ginseng", it is not a true ginseng but it has similar properties and uses. The rainforest tribes of the Amazon call it para toda -- "for everything" -- because it is used as a general restorative tonic and as a panacea for many illnesses. The root strengthens the muscular system, combats exhaustion and chronic fatigue, improves sexual function, and enhances memory. In Europe the root is used to restore or balance the nerve and glandular systems, the endrocrine system, the immune system, and the reproductive system. The roots are rich in an anabolic-like compound called beta-ecdysterone which increases muscle-building and endurance without the negative effects associated with steroids. They also contain pfaffosides that have been shown to inhibit tumour growth and help regulate blood sugar. Other studies have shown that the root has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
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