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Delgold Tobacco
Nicotiana tabacum 'Delgold'
Uses: Medicinal/Industrial Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
(Flue-cured Tobacco; Bright Tobacco) Tobacco of commerce. Delgold is one of the best known varieties for commercial tobacco production. It was developed in Canada in 1980 by crossing wild tobacco (N. rustica) with two popular American varieties, Hicks Broadleaf and Virginia 115. The result was a high-yielding, high-nicotine cultivar that was widely adopted by growers. Delgold is still considered one of the better yielding flue-cured varieties available. The plant is characterized as light green and quick growing. Click here for instructions on growing and processing your own tobacco at home. A good insect-repelling spray is made by steeping leaves in water for 24 hours, then adding a little soap as wetting agent.
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