Barba di Cappuccino
Plantago coronopus 'Minutina'
Duration: Annual or Perennial (hardy in zones 6)
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
(Buckhorn plantain; Barbatella; Erba stella) In southern Italy this wild green with striking jagged lance-like leaves is added to tasty mixed salads called misticanze. It grows along the coasts among rocks where it forms neat star-like annual or perennial clumps up to 30cm (1ft) high. The leaves are slightly bitter and salty at the same time. Though the greens are usually collected from the wild the plant is also easy to grow and can be quite a nice producer of fresh greens. Even the older less tender leaves can be blanched a few seconds and added to salads. Now what is the connection with cappuccino? We do not honestly know, but we love the name anyway.
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