Jacob’s Cattle Bean
Phaseolus vulgaris 'Jacob’s Cattle'
Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
(Appaloosa bean; Trout bean) One of the oldest and most visually striking beans in North America. With conspicuous white and deep maroon spots, the beans look uncannily like Hereford cattle. It is mainly grown as a dry shell bean but it can also be eaten like a string bean when picked young. Gardeners are finding that this is the only bean they need for fresh and dry use. The dry bean is fruity and nutty with a nice meaty texture, and its shape and flavour hold up well with cooking. Excellent in soups, stews and baked beans. As an ancient heirloom of the Passamaquoddy First Nation of Maine and New Brunswick, one legend has it that it was shared with European settlers as early as the 16th century. However, it likely goes back much further because, as early explorers in the area noted, the First Nations had a sophisticated system of agriculture based on the "Three Sisters": corn, beans and squash. And who is Jacob, you may ask? He is Jacob of the Bible who in Genesis outsmarts his father-in-law by choosing spotted sheep and goats as payment for his labour. No doubt these spotted beans will reward your labour in spades! Sow direct in spring. Grows as a bush bean, up to 60cm (2ft). 80-90 days
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Currency: United States Dollar

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