Glass Gem Corn
Zea mays 'Glass Gem'
Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
(Rainbow corn) Seeds that sing! Carl Barnes, a half Cherokee farmer in Oklahoma whose spiritual name is "White Eagle," saved the original ancestral seeds from which this amazing rainbow corn was developed. Its translucent kernels, with colours spanning from pink, purple, blue to green, white and yellow, are truly stunning. After images of the cobs, about the size of a hand, went viral on the internet, the importance of seed saving became evident to many. As White Eagle told his friend, Greg Schoen, who helped to tell the story about rainbow corn and the indigenous heritage embedded in it, these are "seeds that sing." It is edible and can be ground into flour and used like any cornmeal. If picked early when still soft it can be eaten off the cob as well. For kids this is a fun corn to grow -- and sing with. 110 days.
S8208-501 SowNatural(tm) Seeds $3.75/pkt
Currency: United States Dollar

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