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Shiitake Mushroom Spawn Plugs
Lentinus edodes
Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 5-8)
Oriental delicacy cooked and eaten much like ordinary mushrooms but taste is richer and more satisfying. Considered an elixir of life in Japan; modern research has shown it lowers blood cholesterol and possesses antitumour, antiviral and antibiotic activities. Shiitake is easy to grow on hardwood logs or sawdust. Richters offers pre-inoculated shiitake kits made with sawdust or spawn plugs you use to inoculate your own logs with.SPAWN PLUGS: To inoculate your own shiitake logs with our certified organic sawdust spawn plugs, just drill logs and insert plugs and youíre done -- itís that easy. Use only fresh cut logs, cut preferably before trees leaf out in spring. Inoculate when daytime temperatures are between 10-18C (55-70F). One tray of 600 plugs will inoculate 12-15 logs. Logs last for 4-5 years. Complete instructions provided.
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