Cynthia Bean
Vigna unguiculata 'Cynthia'
Uses: Culinary Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
(Cowpea) A variety of cowpea growing in popularity among Ewe farmers in the Lake Volta region of West Africa because of its higher yields and higher tolerance of pests. Farmers report that they can get higher prices for Cynthia than for other varieties. The flavour is similar to Tsenabawu and Turkoviahe varieties, but is taller and more vigorous. Like other cowpea beans, it is cooked in stews or cooked with rice and served with any spicy fish, meat or vegetable sauce on top. Little is known about the origin of the variety but some farmers have said that they heard it came from nearby Togo. We suspect that this variety was brought to the area by a trader named Cynthia and was henceforth known by that name.
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