Pineapple Finger Fruit
Bromelia karatas
Uses: Culinary Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 11+)
When to Sow: Anytime Ease of Germination: Moderate
(Pinguin; PiƱuela) This relative of the pineapple has delicious edible fruits shaped like fingers. A native of Mexico and the Caribbean islands, it grows easily in tropical and sub-tropical areas but elsewhere it is best grown in a large pot and cared for as you would a pineapple plant. It is unlikely to fruit while in a pot but it makes great conversation piece for plant collectors. Requires moderate watering as it typically thrives in areas where there are extended periods of heat and drought. The fruits mature in the center crown and can be pulled out and peeled like bananas. They are very sweet and sour and very delicious, but most people can only eat few at a time as the acidity and astringency gets to the tongue. Excellent for juicing like pineapple. For more information check out what plant explorer Andy Siekkinen says about this tasty bromeliad.
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