Red Roselle of Rwanda
Hibiscus sabdariffa 'Rwanda Red Globe'
Uses: Culinary Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 11+)
When to Sow: Anytime Ease of Germination: Easy
(Flor de Jamaica; Red sorrel; Hibiscus) The fleshy calyxes at the base of the flowers of the roselle plant are used to make a delicious lemony beverage known as "red sorrel," "rosa de jamaica," or just "hibiscus." Ubiquitous throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the plant is one of Africa┬┤s gifts to the New World brought by slaves from Africa. Many forms of it grow in its African homeland, and this unique landrace collected in the central Rwandan highlands is one of them. It has bright a ring of red round globe-like sepals, or calyx, that clings to the seed pod. Drinks made with the calyxes are a staple in the streets of Rwanda. This form of roselle should be easy to grow in warmer regions though it likely will not flower until the end of the season right before frost in temperate areas. It can be cultivated as a pot plant in areas with a short growing season. In the long growing season areas and frost-free areas it will do fine outside and should produce abundant red calyxes. Harvested when they become plump the calyxes are typically dried and later used to make the refreshing beverage.
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