Duff Sugar Pea
Pisum sativum macrocarpon 'Duff Sugar'
Uses: Culinary Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
This is a heirloom sugar pea that has been in the Duff family in New Zealand for at least a century. The young pods are very tasty and very juicy. Like snow peas, the pods can be eaten fresh in salads, steamed or stir-fried, or thrown into soups and stews. Today just four families in New Zealand and Canada are growing this variety, and as Lorraine Collett, our SeedZoo contributor writes, "it´s time for these rare seeds to be passed on and saved by other growers so [this pea] won´t go into extinction." A Chinese cook in Victoria, British Columbia, once told her that this type of pea is a favourite in Chinese cooking but it is hard to find, even in the local Chinatown. Best planted in May, but in milder areas it can be planted as early as March, and a second crop can be planted in early summer. Will get up to 75-90cm (2.5-3 ft) high so some staking is necessary.
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