Backyard Medicine
Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies
Julie-Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal
The original edition of Backyard Medicine is set amongst the idyllic hedgerows of Britain rich with tradition of wild harvesting for food and remedies. Create your own private hedgerow by planting a low cost and highly nutrient wild food garden in your own backyard! This is an alphabetical guide of 50 common wild edible and medicinal plants, their ideal harvest times, healing properties and over 120 easy-to-make recipes from a dandelion burdock toffee that treats acne problems to a soothing agrimony bath for sore muscles. A delightful read that will help bring you closer to nature and become just a little bit more self reliant! 206pp.
B1427 Book softcover $15.00/ea
Currency: United States Dollar

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