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Gaia’s Garden
A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, 2nd Ed.
Toby Hemenway
Permaculture is in many ways more complete, more wholistic than organic gardening. Permaculture seeks to create inclusive, integrated food systems that embrace all elements of the natural ecosystem: from trees and the shelter, shade and leaf litter they provide to shrubs, veggies and herbs, to the soil. All these elements are cleverly combined to create verdant, productive enclaves -- even on small urban lots. Gone are the pristine lawns and neat rows of plants and instead is a subtle order of interrelationships that give forth a far more sustainable space to enjoy, rest in, and feed oneself. This award winning book is an easy to understand "how to" with plenty of "why do it" info mixed in throughout. Has become something of a bible among "permies".
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