The Good Living Guide to Medicinal Tea
50 Ways to Brew the Cure for What Ails You
Jennifer Browne
If you yearn for a book with simple, easy-to-make medicinal teas that you and your family can take for common ailments, this is your book. Using common but scientifically proven medicinal herbs, spices, fruits and barks this book offers effective tea formulas to overcome illness and promote good health. Here are 50 teas to alleviate cold and flu, constipation, arthritis, anxiety, and high cholesterol, to boost the immune system and memory, to improve skin, kidney, liver, heart health, and more. The layout is deceptively simple: a page is devoted to each tea and its uses, formula and properties, yet every medicinal claim is backed up with footnotes to the medical and scientific literature should you want to investigate further. This book will soon become your easy-to-use "go-to" book for healing. A family herbal for the modern family!
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