Herbal Houseplants
Grow Beautiful Herbs - Indoors!
Susan Betz
Author Susan Betz assures us that many herbs do well indoors if they get the right care. No need to be without their aromas, flavours and beauty when we can’t be in the garden. The key is knowing what each herb needs and this book is the perfect guide to the light, soil and pruning requirements of dozens of popular culinary and fragrant herbs, including Richters introductions such as Lemon Leaf and African Power Cress. There is a chapter devoted to the art and craft of herbal topiaries, the beautifully sculpted miniature trees created with herbs such as rosemary, myrtle, and santolina. And there is a helpful chapter on using and preserving the clippings from herbal houseplants in the kitchen and for body care, with timely tips, sage advice, and recipes.
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