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Thyme in the Kitchen
Cooking With Fresh Herbs
Yvonne Tremblay
Richters online culinary Q&A expert, Yvonne Tremblay, loves to cook with fresh herbs, and she loves to teach others how to do the same. Yvonne shows how even the simplest dishes can be transformed with fresh-chopped herbs from the garden or green grocer. There are over 150 recipes: everything from appetizers and soups to desserts and drinks, each a celebration of the magic fresh herbs can bring to the table. How about Cherry Chicken with Rosemary and Orange or Herb-Stuffed Trout? Or Herb-Baked Eggs for Sunday brunch? There are recipes for helpful accutrements such as Parsley Croutons, Mango Pineapple Salsa, and Fried Sage Leaves. And the herbal treats such as Lemon Thyme Sugar Cookies and Orange Mint Baked Custard will win favours every time. This book is bound to excite your tastebuds! Every copy is signed by the author!
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