Assam Tea
When British dominance in the Chinese tea trade waned in the early 19th century, the discovery of a new variety of tea in Assam, a state in the far northeast of India, was a seminal moment in the history of tea, the world’s most popular beverage. The broadleaf assamica variety was well suited for the warm low-lying alluvial plains of Assam, and soon became the preferred type of tea in Britain. Compared to Chinese teas, Assam tea gives a stronger morning jolt with its higher caffeine and tannin content. No wonder it became the basis of English breakfast teas. This whole leaf Assam tea has an abundance of tea tips -- the small, unopened leaves of the tea plant -- that give it a crisp and rich aroma and flavour with an invigorating malty finish.
  HW035-007 HerbWild(tm) Tea Blend 50g   SOLD OUT $11.00/ea
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