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Maxicrop Seaweed
Contains powerful growth hormones, vitamins and all trace elements needed by plants. Used in conjunction with your regular fertilizer it will increase yields, extend the storage life of fruits and vegetables, improve frost and disease resistance, retard senescence, and increase chlorophyll content. Seeds soaked in seaweed germinate better and develop thicker roots. Applied when growing conditions are extreme it relieves stress and encourages new growth.
Note: the liquid product is only available in Canada and the U.S. The powdered product can be shipped anywhere.

T1110 Liquid 910mL (makes 100L) Only available in Canada, U.S.A. $19.00/ea
T1120 Powder 15g (makes 15L) $4.00/ea
T1120 Powder 100g $12.00/ea
Currency: United States Dollar

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