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La Lot Laceflower Laceflower, Graceland
Ladyís Mantle Lambís Ear, Woolly Lambís Quarters
Lantern, Chinese Laserwort Lavender, English
Lavender, Folgate Lavender, Hidcote Lavender, Lavance Purple
Lavender, Melissa Lavender, Mini Blue Lavender, Munstead
Lavender, Pink Perfume Lavender, Provence Blue Lavender, Rosea
Lavender, Royal Purple Lavender, Royal Velvet Lavender, Sachet
Lavender, Spira Lavender, SuperBlue Lavender, Twickel Purple
Lavender, Vicenza Blue Lavender, Fernleaf Lavender, Spanish Eyes
Lavender, French Lavender, Kew Red Lavender, Purple Ribbon
Lavender, French Long Lavender, Fragrant Butterfly Lavender, Fat Spike
Lavender, Fred Boutin Lavender, Gros Bleu Lavender, Grosso
Lavender, Hidcote Giant Lavender, Phenomenal Lavender, Provence
Lavender, Seal Lavender, Super Lavender, White Spike
Lavender, Spanish Lavender, Goodwin Creek Lavender, Spike
Lavender, Sweet Lemon Lemongrass
Lemongrass, Indian Leopard Lily Lespedeza
Licorice Licorice, Chinese Lily of the Valley
Linden Lionís Tail Live-Forever
Lobelia Lobelia, Great Lobelia, Red
Lomatium Lopezia Lotus
Lovage Luffa Lungwort
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