Richters Richters Live Roots, Tubers, Bulbs & Mushroom Kits

Richters Live Roots, Tubers, Bulbs & Mushroom Kits

All of our garlic and shallots and other roots for planting. Our mushroom kits are here also.

Garlic, Kettle River Giant Garlic, Lokalen Garlic, Lorz Italian
Garlic, Sicilian Gold Garlic, Susanville Garlic, Elephant
Garlic, Chiloe Garlic, Deerfield Purple Garlic, Duganskij
Garlic, French Rocambole Garlic, Gem Garlic, German Mennonite
Garlic, Khabar Garlic, Killarney Red Garlic, Kostyn´s Red Russian
Garlic, Majestic Garlic, Marino Garlic, Messidor
Garlic, Music Garlic, Puslinch Garlic, Rose de Lautrec
Garlic, Siberian Garlic, Uzbekistan Garlic, Yugoslavian Red
Garlic, Xian Onion, Egyptian Saffron
Shallot, Dutch Shallot, French Shallot, Frog’s Leg
Asparagus, Jersey Giant Oyster Mushroom 
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