SowNatural™ Herbs and Veggies

Our SowNatural seeds are either organic, or grown without chemicals by trusted growers, or collected from the wild. These seeds are from plants that have never seen chemical fertilizers or pesticides. And like all Richters seeds, they are untreated, and are not hybrids or modified in any way by genetic engineering.

Alfalfa Alisma Allheal
Anise-Hyssop Arborvitae, Chinese Ashwagandha
Bai Zhi Balloon Flower Balm, Lemon
Basil, Corsican Basil, Dark Opal Basil, Rubin
Basil, Italian Large Leaf Basil, Jolina Basil, Obsession
Basil, Sweet Basil, Genovese Basil, Dolly
Basil, Eleonora Basil, Elidia Basil, Emily
Basil, Nufar F1 Basil, Keira Basil, Prospera
Basil, Prospera Pot Basil, Anise Basil, Cinnamon
Basil, Cardinal Basil, Lemon Basil, Lime
Basil, Persian Basil, Spice Basil, Thai
Borage Buckwheat Calendula
Calendula, Erfurter Orangefarbige Caraway Catnip
Catnip, Japanese Chamomile, German Chia
Chickweed Chives Chives, Garlic
Clover, Red Clover, White Cnidium
Codonopsis Cohosh, Black Coriander, Spice
Cilantro, Leisure Cilantro, Longstanding Cilantro, Rani
Cilantro, Santo Cornflower Curled Cress
Cucumber, Chinese Cumin, Black Dandelion
Dill, Mammoth Dill, Bouquet Dill, Green Sleeves
Duhuo Echinacea Echinacea, Narrowleaf
Fenugreek Figwort, Chinese Flax
Greek Mountain Tea Indigo, Wild Kushen
Lavender, English Leopard Lily Lovage
Madder Mallow, Chinese Maralroot
Marjoram, Common Marjoram, Sweet Melilot
Mint, Korean Motherwort, Chinese Mullein
Mustard, White Mustard, Brown Navajo Tea
Onion, Bunching Paprika, Alma Parsley, Blend
Parsley, Double Curled Parsley, Evergreen Parsley, Mosscurled
Parsley, Hungarian Flat Parsley, Italian Parsley, Plain
Peony, Moutan Pepper, Bhut Jolokia Pepper, Big Jim
Pepper, Cayenne Chile Pepper, Habanero Chile Pepper, White Habanero Chile
Pepper, Hot Paper Lantern Chile Pepper, Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper, Jalapeño Chile
Poppy, Breadseed Queen Anne’s Lace Roselle
Safflower Sage, Garden Sage, Red
Scullcap Scullcap, Baikal Sesame
Shepherd’s Purse Thistle, Milk Thyme, English
Thyme, French Wheatgrass Wormwood, Sweet Annie
Zaatar Zaatar, Cleopatra Amaranth, Grain
Amaranth, Elephant Head Asparagus Bean, Red Pod Bean, Blue Lake Pole
Bean, Dow Purple Pod Bean, Golden Wax Bean, Royal Burgundy
Bean, Tendergreen Beet, Chioggia Beet, Golden Detroit
Beet, Dark Red Detroit Beet, Bulls Blood Broccoli, Calabrese
Broccoli, De Ciccio Broccoli, Romanesco Broccoli, Spigariello
Cabbage, Red Express Carrot, Black Nebula Carrot, Nantes
Carrot, Rainbow Blend Carrot, Royal Chantenay Cauliflower, Snowball
Celery, Red Stalk Celery, Tango Corn, Japanese Striped
Cucumber, Lemon Cucumber, Muncher Cucumber, Salt & Pepper
Cucumber, Straight Eight Daikon, White Icicle Cicoria, Garnet Stem
Eggplant, Black Beauty Eggplant, Japanese Endive, Tres Fines
Fennel, Florence Groundcherry, Aunt Molly’s Kale, Lacinato
Kale, Red Russian Leek, American Flag Leek, Bandit
Lettuce, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Red Deer-Tongue Lettuce, Lolla Rossa
Lettuce, Oakleaf Lettuce, Red Oakleaf Lettuce, Royal Oakleaf
Lettuce, Outredgeous Lettuce, Parris Island Cos Lettuce, Black-Seeded Simpson
Lettuce, Salad Bowl Lettuce, Red Salad Bowl Lettuce, Speckled
Melon, Heart of Gold Melon, Honey Dew Green Mustard, Mizuna
Mustard, Red-Streaked Mizuna Mustard, Mibuna Mustard, Southern Giant Curled
Mustard, Red GIant Mustard, Tendergreen Mustard, Tatsoi
Okra, Burgundy Okra, Clemson Spineless Onion, Ailsa Craig
Pak-Choi, White-Stemmed Pea, Cascadia Pea, Dwarf Grey Sugar
Pea, Golden Sweet Pea, Mammoth Melting Pea, Oregon Sugar Pod
Pea, Patio Pride Pea, Taiwan Sugar Pepper, Cal Wonder
Pepper, Diamond Pepper, Golden Cal Wonder Pepper, Jamaican Yellow
Pepper, Orange Sun Pepper, Golden Greek Pepperoncini Pumpkin, Big Max
Pumpkin, Casper Pumpkin, Lady Godiva Pumpkin, Small Sugar
Quinoa, Biobio Quinoa, French Vanilla Radish, French Breakfast
Radish, Cherrybelle Radish, Hong Vit Radish, Sparkler
Rapini Rapini, Sessantina Arugula
Salsify, Black Spinach, Bloomsdale Squash, Burgess Buttercup
Squash, Cream and Green Squash, Galeux d’Eysines Squash, Gill’s Golden Pippin
Squash, Triamble Squash, Waltham Butternut Squash, Green Zucchini
Squash, Golden Zucchini Squash, Crookneck Squash, Black Beauty
Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck Squash, Pattypan Sunflower, Mongolian Giant
Swiss Chard, Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Ruby Red
Sylvetta Tomatillo, Verde Tomatillo, Purple de Milpa
Tomato, Amish Paste Tomato, Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomato, Beefsteak
Tomato, Black Cherry Tomato, Black Krim Tomato, Black Prince
Tomato, Bonny Best Tomato, Brandywine Tomato, Red Currant
Tomato, Green Cherokee Tomato, Get Stuffed Tomato, Great White
Tomato, Green Zebra Tomato, Japanese Black Trifele Tomato, Evergreen
Tomato, Purple Cherokee Tomato, Yellow Currant Tomato, Marvel Striped
Tomato, Micado Violetter Tomato, Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Pineapple
Tomato, Red Pear Tomato, Yellow Pear Tomato, Riesenstraube
Tomato, Roma Tomato, Rosella Tomato, Rosso Sicilian
Tomato, San Marzano Tomato, Speckled Roman Tomato, Stupice
Tomato, Sweetie Tomato, Tangerine Tomato, Thessaloniki
Tomato, Watermelon Beefsteak Tomato, White Cherry Watermelon, Black Tail Mountain
Watermelon, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Red Moon & Stars Watermelon, Yellow Moon & Stars
Wheat, Khorasan   
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