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The Colosso herbs are extra big plants in gallon-sized pots. They make an immediate impression in the garden or in any planter. No waiting for them to grow! Dozens of varieties are available. Order as few as 2 pots or as many as you want!

Colosso herbs are shipped to selected regions in Canada and America starting in April.

Aloe Vera Balm, Lemon Basil, Cinnamon
Basil, African Blue Bay Laurel Bo-Tree
Caper Bush Catnip Chives
Coriander, Vietnamese Curryleaf Dittany of Crete
Elder, American Elder, Bob Gordon Elder, Magnolia Hill
Elder, Wyldewood Fig, Hardy Chicago Fig, Atreano
Fig, Black Mission Fig, Desert King Fig, Improved Celeste
Fig, Lattarulla Fig, Negronne Fig, Olympian
Fig, Peter’s Honey Fig, Stella Fig, Vern’s Brown Turkey
Geranium, Orange Fizz Ginger, Cardamom Gojiberry, Black
Gotu Kola Jessamine, Night Lavender, Folgate
Lavender, Platinum Blonde Lavender, Twickel Purple Lavender, Edelweiss
Lavender, Fred Boutin Lavender, Grosso Lavender, Phenomenal
Lavender, Provence Lavender, Spanish Lemongrass
Lovage Mint, Chocolate Mint, English
Mint, Mojito Mint, Peppermint Mint, Moroccan
Mint, Improved Spearmint Mulberry Oregano, Greek
Oregano, Italian Parsley, Italian Patchouli
Piss-Off Plant Rosemary Rosemary, Barbeque
Rosemary, Blue Boy Rosemary, Blue Rain Rosemary, Foxtail
Rosemary, Hill Hardy Rosemary, Rex Rosemary, Spice Island
Sage, Cherry Chief Sage, Raspberry Royale Sage, Berggarten
Sage, Tricolor Sage, Hummingbird Sage, Pineapple
Sage, White Sage, Russian Santolina, Dwarf
Savory, Winter Sorrel, True French Strawberry, Climbing
Tarragon, French Thyme, Fredo Thyme, Lemon
Fish Mint, Chameleon Verbena, Lemon Gojiberry
Wormwood, Silver King Yarrow, Mongolian Zaatar
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